Privacy Policy

Corinthian House Statement on Privacy

Corinthian House strongly believes in personal privacy. Our goal is to protect, prolong and help seniors remain active participants in society. The privacy of information about you is respected at this site:

  • We are not setting cookies in your browser or using cgi scripts to try and determine your viewing habits at this site.
  • Corinthian House does keep the standard web log records to determine the usage of its web site. But these logs only indicate your fully qualified domain name.
  • Any information provided to Corinthian House remains inside Corinthian House. This includes information provided on the request form for getting on the Corinthian House residence waiting list(s). When you submit your information from the Web form, it is immediately transmitted to the Corinthian House Administrators inbox.
  • Corinthian House does not provide any specific information about individual subscribers to mail lists, visitors to the web page or any other internet contacts to anyone outside of Corinthian House’s contractors and staff.

If you have further questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.